About APEX

Apex Financials was founded in 2018 with the goal of adopting the blockchain technology to bridge a glaring gap when it comes to sophisticated financial products targeted at the consumer markets. In April of 2020, the Apex team onboarded the first batch of alpha and beta users to great success.

In early 2021, Apex opened to public for multiple user classes with a simplified, non-speculative token-based platform with the aim of further refining its tokenized blockchain offerings.

The Apex team boasts some of the most highly respected seasoned professionals in the world of business and technology and has established partnerships or holdings in multiple financial institutions and hedge funds. Apex Financials Pvt. Ltd. is registered in the British Virgin Islands with offices in Nicosa (Cyprus), New Delhi (India), and Dubai.

Key personnel are noted below:
Will Marshall
(Head of HVT)

A financial and investment advisor for over 30 years in multiple industries (most notably Commodities), Mr. Marshall heads the HVT (High Velocity Trading) division of Apex. (Head of Velocity Trading)

Mikael Samuelsson
(Head of EU Business Development)

With a storied background in hospitality and restaurant industry, as well as key operational experience in the blockchain space, Mikael is responsible for the overall execution of the Apex Financials’ goals and vision.

Marie Elena Gonzalez
(Head of Customer Support)

Marie Elena has extensive experience in the customer support and communications arena. She has ran multiple support teams in different industries. Marie Elena will be managing our customer service team with Apex. She is committed to providing a professional environment and excellent support for our customers.

James Ward
(Head of Marketing)

A former stock broker and prolific online marketing, Mr. Ward has a wealth of experience in both corporate governance of online platforms as well as in the finance industry. most notably, he been instrumental in growing one of the largest smart-contract based community to over 200,000 users.

    members of the team include:
  • Javier Svenson
  • Marianne Telridge
  • Gilliane Maglin
    Marketing Team
  • Vasilius Papacharalampous
  • Jerome Skelter
    Technology & Support Team
  • Saran Premananda
  • Manuel T
  • Alex R
  • Rebecca A