Due Diligence and Security

Due Diligence and Security

As a financial and technology platform, Apex takes its responsibilities very seriously. We also recognize that there are many unscrupulous persons and companies in this space. To help make it easier for participants to make informed decisions, Apex provides access to irrefutable due diligence materials as well as state of the art security systems to protect your data.

Platform Security

Please ensure your interactions with Apex occur on our official (and ONLY) website – TheApex.app. Along with all the standard security mechanisms (such as SSL and firewalls), your Apex account has a 2FA requirement on each financial operation (such as withdrawals). Additionally, we use state of the art KYC-AML compliance mechanisms at the time of first withdrawal to ensure your account is confirmed and not targeted by hackers.

Live Beta Trading Proof

Embedded below is a watermarked, live video of some of our blockchain exchange accounts. Since screenshots (images) and logs (such as excel sheets) can be fraudulent, we have opted to instead show live video. You will also find further in the video, P & L reports and performance reports on some of these accounts on the third-party platform, making it impossible to misrepresent any data.

Since April 2020, our background high velocity accounts have been actively trading using our machine-learning system to generate positive growth month over month.

British Virgin Islands Registration

In early 2021, Apex incorporated in the BVI to officially open its token sale platform to the public.

SEC Reg D 506(c) Submission

In early 2021, Apex filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Regulation D, 506(c) to accept accredited investors from the US. The submission is noted below: